Jobs, Careers In Nigeria » President Goodluck Jonathan Job Creation Initiative (You Win) –
President Goodluck Jonathan Job Creation Initiative (You Win) –

PresidentGoodluck Jonathanhas launched an initiative to support Nigerian entrepreneurs.
The initiative known as Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria orYouWin.
TheYouWininnitiative is targeted at youths between the ages of 18 and 35 who already own businesses or have strong business plans. More details can be found
You can view the qualifications forYouWinbelow:

Qualification for Participation in YouWiN!


All applicants for the Business Plan Competition will be required to satisfy all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

The applicant is a proven citizen of Nigeria, no older than 35 years (proof of identity international passport/voters card)
The applicant is proposing a business venture within the national borders of Nigeria, and with the intention of employing Nigerian citizens.
The proposed venture does not entail the production and distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities that is in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution
Applicants have prepared an innovative business concept summary
The promoter should be willing to make an equity contribution in kind, but does not need to have long experience in managing a business
The applicant must choose to participate in one award pool. There are 6 regional pools on the basis of geo political zone as identified by market in which the applicant wishes to do business.

To apply visit:
During the launch of YouWin Presidentspoke about some American innovators and what he hopes would be the outcome of this initiative, he said Jobs started his career by building the first Apple personal computer in the run-down garage of his foster parents and he pursued his entrepreneurial dreams to become one of the most influential innovators of the 21st century.

Similarly Bill Gates Microsoft and Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook are eloquent testimonies to the capacity of the youth to dream big and win big in an innovative manner. We have such men and women in this land too: our challenge is to find them early, nurture them and encourage them.


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  1. David yakubu says:

    I am David yakubu by name, i’m 30 years old, and a product of school of health technology Maiduguri,since 2003 to date i hav’nt got any Government work,i have been managing a small medicine store since i finished school, Sir if you can help me stock up my chemsit just to aern for my living and help my junior brothers who are still in secondary school and also my parent who are farmers in a village called BUMSA, i will be very greatfull Sir if my request is kindly granted.May the Lord God continue to guide,bless and protect you and give long life and successefull tenuar, Nigeria- President Goodluck continuesly.
    Thank you,i remain your loyal citizen, David Yakubu.

    1. Yomi Okota says:

      Many thanks to the Feredal Government of Nigeria for this great idea. May God bless you all.

  2. David yakubu, 08067157004 says:

    Thank you Sir for the job creation innitiative for the Nigerian youth,i hope by the of God i will not be left out. i am very greatful.
    David Yakubu

  3. I wish to really appreciate the idea of the president to empower the small business scale and i will be grateful if am favour by it and God blessings will be yous.
    (pls contact 08038685288

  4. I think this is a nice initiative from Mr.President. He deserves kudos. May the good Lord bless him. Amen.

  5. chibunna osondu says:

    thank you mr. president for this initiative

  6. i am very grateful for your concern mr good luck jonathan God will give you d opportunity to go for the second chance

  7. Amariah Nichoias Ozioma S. Benedict says:

    I’m grateful for the to introduce this initiative & I advice my fellow talented & potential youths to sieze this opportunity to join hands together to make our country & the entire world a btter place.

  8. Amariah Nichoias Ozioma S. Benedict says:

    I’m grateful for the president

  9. Ubokwe Alexander. O says:

    I am Ubokwe Alexander, graduated from University of Jos, studied Biochemistry, serving in Katsina State. This is a very good initiative from our dear president. I believe I will not be left out in this initiative. Long live our dear presidnt! Long live Nigeria!

  10. SAMUEL IBRAHIM says:

    Thank GOD for Goodluck.Nigerian graduates can smile again.Nigeria would be better if we would have more GOODLUCKS as presidents.LONG LIVE NIGERIA MY HOME.

  11. Tasiu Iliya AbdulAzeez says:

    MR President Sir thank you for the GOD give you the wisdom to acommpalish the plan remember as a man of faith one day you will not be on the chair but history will tell who you are some past leaders have failed in similar programme but you are still young please try and keepup to the challenge GOD bless NIGERIA.





  14. Iyke Igwe says:

    Good Initiative, praying for its sustainability.

  15. ajayi eric says:

    dear president, your plan is wonderful and will surely improve the youth and the economy.hav u also put in place policy to abolish manipulation so as to meet the targeted audience?

  16. joshua o maclean says:

    i am applicant as an nce holder since 2005

  17. Okpodike Callistus N says:

    His Excellency’s idea is a living one,it conquers by its self n followed by millions.

  18. CLARA MBAGWU says:

    I am a graduate from Auchi poly, 2010. have been managing a minea job with Integrated energy service, a private owned company since I finish my National Diploma (ND), which helped me to finish my HND, right now it cannot take me more for further study for PGD, i need to do something to fund my PGD and Masters degree. and also to care for my family members who are in need. thank for your good office.

  19. Akande kehinde says:

    dear president, i believe srongly that nigeria youth should be orientated and given a proper training about their course of study before admission into various universities, and the government should look into labour market for example in private and public companies fresh graduate or employers are not gainfully or financially and properly taking care of when its comes to this issue of foreign investors or even your own country is your connections that matters.

  20. Atugwu Hyginus Henry says:

    I’m grateful 2 God almaighty 4 dis wonderful idea of our dear president & his economic team led by Mrs Iweala. I’ll b more grateful if my proposed Business plan make d list. I hope 2 contribute my qouta in d economic transformation by engaging other willing youths. I’m a graduate of Public Administration plus over five yrs working exprience in private sector. God bless Nigeria.

  21. Sabastine Chinedu says:

    His Excellency Sir, the Youwin initiative is an indication that you really want to transform this great country.The number of unemployed but skillful youths is so alarming and this initiative can reduce the figure and help create more jobs.
    Sir, i am a graduate and ready to grab this opportunity without hesitation. 08166414383.

  22. Fape oluwaseun says:

    I really value these opportunity but they should try and let it real.

  23. Atugwu Hyginus Henry says:

    I think YouWin programme is real since all application is through net. It will less d pressure on organisers 2 b influenced. Lets b more prayerful dat it’ll b a turnaround on our unemployment rate. God bless Nigeria.

  24. i am muh,d muhd i need job,am frm niger state poly a diploma holder,


    This is progremme is good at this is timefor the Nigerian youth.I hold NCE in Mathematics Chemistry.I will be very happy Iam giving ajob.Thanks.

  26. Sincerely yours Mr President His excellency Dr. Good luck Jonathan commander in chief of Arm forces federal republic of Nigeria you are the best to this country Nigeria, God will increase your level of understanding to deliver Nigeria to the promise land. I hope you will take the youth up to the next level and you will not allow those who are fighting for their pocket to kill your dream may God Almighty help you to turnaround the situation of unemployment in this our country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

  27. kanayo stephen nnatu says:

    This is truely an amazing programme that has the capability of lifting so many nigerians and their families from poverty,i sincerely hope that this initiative will not be hijacked by dubious nigerian politicians who are only looking out for their pocket,pls sir i strongly advise that only nigerians with credibility,integrity and love for this country and it’s people be appointed as managers of this fund to ensure that the programme is successfuly implemented,thank you.

  28. OJOTO T.W. THANKGOD says:



    IPAGA EBIYOBOERE, 28 OCTOBER 2011, 10:30 AM.

    I am IPAGA EBIYOBOERE, am 27 years of age, am a native of Kolokuma/Opukuma in Bayelsa State, a product of Rivers State University of Scienc and Techology, i study MANAGEMENT (MGT) I finish 2008, i will be gratefull if am opportune to have his job. Thanks, May God continue to bless You and Nigeria in Jesus name. Amen.

  30. Ajibade Temitope kehinde says:

    luck i believe is a spiritual endowment.Having you as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not indeed an accident.I heard you declared this initiative in October 1.while delivering your official speech,i immediately had a sigh of relief because this is an initiative i have been waiting for.As a young entrepreneur,i see premium in my venture and i believe with God and your help in this regard,NIGERIA will be blessed by me in the future.May God help you sir.

  31. Kamire Soje says:

    Sir, first and foremost, i will like to thank Mr President Goodluck E. Jonathan and the organisation who is championing this course for their creative idea and their will towards transformation and elevation of the common man into a state of well being and well doing. I am a graduate of Bayero University Kano (BUK), with a B.eng Mechanical Engineering since 2004, but i have loved to be i engaged into mining of lead and zinc ores at Nkpoma Akpatakpa Izzi l.g.a Abakaliki, Ebonyi state(from 06- to 08). However, it was a wasted and fruitless effort, because of the chiefs and villagers of Izzi l.g.a were greedy and they felt we are not from the East or Igbo speaking persons Nevertheless, i gained experience at the end of the pursuit. So now i ventured into Telecommunications as a result of poor management of the mining sector and lack of understanding of the indigenes. Hence, i am presently into, buying and selling of phones and computer hardwares in Jos, Plateau State. But my business is still at a small scale and now i need your assistance to sustain and expand my business.Thank you in anticipation of your favourably prompt. For more details: I could be reached also through my phone numbers: 08060391857….

  32. Abel Enemali yusuf says:

    Sir, i am a call member serving in lagos state, you are GOD send who’s mision is to trasform the youths of Nigeria to be spesific the call members (corpers). You h’v trosformed our lifes,you h’v changed us with the new minimum wage and now you on this new idea. The good lord will continue to bless u for us. I need This and i am redy to grab this opportunity my number is 08136692370.

  33. my name is abdussalam abubakar,a level 400 student of agricultural engineering at bayero university kano.firstly i will use this medium to congratulate the effort of mr president for this youth development scheme,kudos.i am an avid lover in practising agriculture as a career so as to contribute to the nations GDP.i have undergo alot of training and research works on the aspect of animal production like fish farming,livestock rearing i.e goat,sheep and cattle very much enthusiastic about the practise but unfortunately lack the financial capacity to do.being the fact that it takes alot to practise fully integrated and mechanise precise agriculture.i also want to exercise my entrepreneual and technological knowledge to create job for the masses,not to be a job seeker,following the statement of a prominent scholar who stste and i quote think of what you could do for your society,not what your society will do for with this i stand and work towards.i do wish my passion shall be considered and aide because i see my self as an entrepreneur transforming agricultural sector.thanks

  34. abdussalam abubakar can be reach throuh 08063036933 or 08023681333

  35. Ngonye Japhet says:

    it is a fantastic initiative by mr president.but will be more if truely implemented. kudos to our dear president.


    Thank God for President GoodLuck, now the youths Nigeria will have a reason to smile and stay away from social menance, since the major cause which is unemployment would be curbed. God will keep you our dear President

  37. maduagwu ikechukwu anthony says:

    thanks our president & his economic team.I left UNN medical college in 4th year due to financial constraints as I have been paying my school fees myself from primary to university.I then went into menial jobs from where I raised money to buy land & build a large poultry farm.I need something to keep the dream alive.this can be farm is located in my village at maduagwu farms,uhuala osina off bonus pastor seminary,ideato north LGA IMO .CONTACT=MADUAGWU IKECHUKWU,34yrs.08035453062

  38. Orisadare dele says:

    Sir,firstly i will use this medium to congratulate the effort of Mr president for this youth development scheme,i am much need of job and i can work in anywhere (Federal or local Govt),Am from oyo state, i finished my HND in Ibadan poly in 2007/08.I can be reach on 08023387071 or 07028308710


    plaese mr president,i am graduate of public administration,since 2008 that i finished, no job,i will be very happy if i can be given job.08036225946.

  40. jagun mayowa says:

    Mr president,you are one in a million for good one. I need you to please empower me on my drycleaning stuff,so as to take it to the next level.I have like four brother’s am catering for and things are not easy like that,please help.thank you.08078511356.

  41. ijeoma ofoegbu says:

    God bless you, Mr President for making this opportunity available to us all. God bless Nigeria.

  42. Araromi Olufunmbi Imoleayo says:

    Thank you Mr President for this great opportunity you gave to us. Sir, i am a corps member serving in Kwara state with the state code- Kw/11B/0820,My Mobile number is 08061386310 i am also a musician. please kindly help me financially in my ministry. God bless Nigeria, God bless you sir.

  43. jahswill uzoamaka U. says:

    I love this initiative. May God bless President Lucky Jo for this wonderful project. It shows there is hope for my fellow youths in Nigeria. I also encourage youths struggling outside Nigeria to come back home and participate in this competition; together we shall build a better Nigeria. Thanks

  44. opeyemi says:

    i want to apply

  45. ODO HYGINUS C.E. says:







  49. Adegoke Joseph F says:

    Sir,I’m Adegoke Joseph F,I’m from Ado-awaye In Iseyin L.Govt area,Oyo State.I graduated from Ogun State University Since 2007 and I finished my NYSC In 2010,Since then I have been searching for job by moving from one state to another.I will like to appreciate the effort of our daddy[Youth]Dr Goodluck Jonathan.E for giving us this opportunity and I’m using this medium by says its shouldn’t base by who you know or who brought you but I trust you and The God I’m serving.Thanks,God bless you&Nigerian,You can reach me through my Phone 08034162129&e-mail.

  50. i really like such initiative, i want to thank Mr. President for this laudable initiative and i will be grateful if i am granted the opportunity to be part of this. thanks

  51. Nyong Ndifreke says:

    If federal Government realy means business, they should not put the forms on sale, bcos youths do not have money to pump into minister’s and senator’s pockets.

  52. akper doctor jeffery says:

    thank u mr president,at last my ambition of being a business now has a bearing,pls Mr president let implementation be express and different from other regimes.thank you once again for the opportunity to succeed

  53. if i can get one slot out of all i we be very grateful,i am a graduate of osun state polytechnic, since 2008, i am self employed so in dat case i need assistance,i’m a focus and determined man,please mr president i need your assistance.i will be looking forword to receive from you sir. thank

  54. sheriff oladipupo says:

    its a good innitiative, i ‘ll like to partake if it is real, pls help me out.

  55. Santali Paul says:

    I believe you can do it, keep it on. God blessed Nigeria

  56. onu ogbonnaya duncan says:

    Good afternoon mr president,You are a blessing to this Nation wih this kind of vision you have to reduce the problem of unemployment in Nigeria.This will be wonderful if well implemented and guided from those selfish politicians who are ever ready to destroy good ideas from government.I know you will do well in government,all you need is good altmosphere of peace and patience from NIgerians for you to takt us here.

  57. onu ogbonnaya duncan says:

    I am 34 years old.I have registered engineering service company called Cableline engineering services ltd,We are into solar energy powered facilities construction and installations.We are registered with Nigeria energy commission but we have not got any job from them.We will do well if we have contract jobs from government and more fund to expand our business and employ more youths.

  58. mansur mudsmo says:

    I thank mr president goodlock for this good thing to the people of Nigeria I HOPE I WILL benefit from it thank

  59. Yakubu Malgwi says:

    Finally we have a programme for the youth to be empowered and to help solve unemployment in our beloved country, Mr President we really are proud of you Sir & this wonderful initiative. You have our support & prayers do your best to see it through. God bless Nigeria.


    my president is a GOD sent to the youths of this great nation nigeria.An epidemic of routiness have so cought up with nigeria youths due to the massive unemployment so much that sometimes you wonder about the future of the country.Im impressed with this move.the coutry is packed with great potentials that if well hanessed along side with core moral values,NIGERIANS WILL SEE THEIR PROMISED LAND.

  61. Ogbadu Benjamin says:

    I know it is true,but let it be devoid of sentiment bcos of God.

  62. Ojewole Oluseye Adebowale says:

    Geologist by training,Iam into mining and mineral processing,I will be happy if I can get fund to expand my business

  63. gabriel says:

    it is a good idea, but the fear of nepotism is the beginning of wisdom in nigeria. I hope it will not be hijacked by a cabal.

  64. Nweke Ifeanyi Matthew says:

    I am a graduate of Accountancy (2nd Class Lower Division)from Ebonyi State University in 2005 and served my father land between 2007/2008 with NYSC cert. No. A001130575 but have not been employed till now. I am 32 years old. I have been hawking little cosmetics business on the street to sustain myself, youngers and my aged mother. Please I will be grateful if Mr. President can assist me financially to get a shop to expand my business or if possible get me employed directly.
    Long Live Mr. President, Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Contact me: 07066914904

  65. for president goodluck jonathan administration to be successful he has to empower the youth to be someone useful citizens in future. for their to be improvement their are more to this than we can see.

  66. we are really greatfull with d effort of mr president am praying 2 be among d lucky winners.

  67. Oregbesan mayowa says:

    I am very grateful for your concern about the progressive of this country. I pray that almighty God will crown your effort and grant you your heart desire.

  68. oko jesse ogbonnia says:

    this is nothing but a good proof that mr president means so very well for youths of this our beloved country nigeria,please lets help him in the implementation.god bless my president

    1. Orji Uzoma says:

      this is a prove that Mr. president has passion for the youth of this nation. i know these will go a long way to empower the youths

  69. Florence Celestine-Ebeku says:

    God bless federal govt 4 this wonderful initiative (youth enterprise) i see my business plan comin 2 reality. When d righteous are on sit d people rejoices.

  70. wonderful idea sir, may God give you more wisdom and courage to impliment the idea.

  71. Banny napoleon selfa says:

    I have confidence in what GEJ is doing in the youth ministry, I pray that all stake holders in this ministry will keep their commitments to see that this initiative becomes a reality.

  72. Banny napoleon selfa says:

    May God GEJ to push his plans for the youths of this country through, without sabotage!

  73. It a good from the president,the echelon of his achievement and his greatly abition to make naija a better city.

  74. It a good from the president,the echelon of his achievement and his greatly abition to make naija a better city. I think i love him.

  75. congratulation for you initiative of job creation i am kelechi from abia state business is my initiayive

  76. olabagro says:

    You win is a very reasonable initiative from federal government,Mr President should ensure that people in charge of this programme will not allow Nigeria factor into this programme .They should please think of the masses this time around ,they should
    think about what becomes Nigerians faith in years to come,because the youth that are suppose to be the active force are at home,roaming about the street doing nothing.We are ready to be useful to the nation we only need the government to empower us which they are about to do. I will advise the federal government not to give more than 500,000 to people that are starting new business and like a million naira to people that want to expand there business. Let people that are just starting go and face what the business life look like then come next year they can apply for expansion .With this more people can be empower like 12,000 or there about can be empower . I have strong believe with this we will experience a new NIGERIA

  77. mr president as I say ealiar we are realy grateful. more especially naija youth sir am an engineer 4 gerators,I want involved in selling but gen/sapair part, thank,s

  78. mr president as I say ealiar we are realy grateful. more especially naija youth sir am an engineer 4 generators,I want involved in selling but gen/sapair part, thank,s

  79. Edewor O. Peter says:

    This will only come to pass ‘if and only if’ canditates will not sellected based on POLLITICAL SLOTS, transparent people will be incharge and what is promised will be done. NDDC did this sometimes last year, Gradute Computer Training Programe(GCTP) but even to pay the little stipend they promised, it was not done fully because there was nobody to checkmate the payment even when the candidates complained. So if things will be done with the fear of God then Nigeria Youths will be the best in Africa.

  80. realy a very good idea in indeed.but how transperent will it be? i’ve been here looking for scholarship to be trained as a merchant navy in ukraine but failed to get from the state and even the fed. govt.

  81. Atugwu Hyginus Henry says:

    I submitted my Business plan successfully but yet 2 recieve invitation 4 d next round or an advice on how 2 amend my plan inorder 2 make d cut next year. Thanks,

  82. Igwe Okechukwu innocent says:

    Mr. prsident plz i need an assistant from this organisation. thanks. you are really Goodluck of our time

  83. Ogunjimi oladipo rapheal says:

    The youwin programme speak volume of the giant step taken by the federal government to reduce the menace of unemployment among Nigerian youth.KUDOS.

  84. Obaroara Emorere says:

    I am obaroara emorere,i have B.A honor in (A.A.U),i wont d government to give me some moni to start a business,

  85. Okoh joseph says:

    Mr president pls help me .afterNYSC no job.i need ur help.i hail fr benue state nigeria.08061392487.

  86. Bello Aliu Adekunle says:

    Kudos to you my strong and reliable president,thank you for this paramount opportunity,May God Almighty continue to guide,protect and support you.Am a young man at the age of 26years old and native of Ibadan in Oyo State,also an O.N.D holder in Bus.Admin.@Lagos State Polytechnic,in the 2010.i’ve been in clothing business after my ND,i have nobody to cater my needs,i’ve lost my parent some years back,the burden is too much on my neck because i don’t av a single shop to display my goods and i have to go school to finish my H.ND.i will be grateful if am well considered,more grease to your elbow Mr.President,Thanks.

  87. Bello Aliu Adekunle says:

    Am loyal sir.

    1. Umar Yahaya says:

      Gud initiative! But those selfish dogs around any president are always the bottle neck on any gud thing like this. More grease to your elbow mr president.

  88. uzuegbu ifunanya juliet says:

    i am pleased by your effort your excellence, if more effprt should be put in this atleast nigeria youth will always stand by you.we appreciate your effort sir1

  89. Ayodele says:

    We all hope is not going to be a wasteful exercise knowing all d publicity it has generated and the personality involved.

  90. Abdullah Modu says:

    am sincerely happy to more satisfied,and deeply appreciate your effort Mr President of fed rep of Nig,am a student in university of maiduguri,with my diploma level in accountancy, and up to know i dont have to employ in any kind of job,and with nor any business either source of income,i would like to sincerely plead you to more effectively serve and tackle the un_employment in the nation,we are unarmously support your motion.

  91. Abdullah Modu says:

    am sincerely happy to more satisfied,and deeply appreciate your effort Mr President of fed rep of Nig,am a student in university of maiduguri,with my diploma level in accountancy, and up to know i dont have to employ in any kind of job,and with nor any business either source of income,i would like to sincerely plead you to more effectively serve and tackle the un_employment in the nation,we are unarnimously support your motion.(we are Nigerian, and also pray for Nigeria, forever&ever).

  92. Ekeh Ndidi John says:

    My name is Ekeh Ndidi John a graduate from Institute of Management and Technology Enugu, am working with Nigerian Air Force and a very vibrant citizen am 28 yrs old. I really appreciate the initiative of the Federal Govt, i seriously commend Mr president Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his magnanimity and concern for the youth of this country. God will bless u and ur family. Your Excellency sir i want to ask for a favor please as i mentioned earlier i work Nigerian Air Force but i need this scheme to be enable me meet some of the standard needs of my family and the good Nigerians that requires. I want to establish poultry factory , i have acquired a land but i don’t have the resource to estblish this. So i solicit the Federal Govt to come my aid in this regard, i promise that myself and my entire family will not forget you. Thank u i await your kind acknowledgement and reply.

  93. i thank GOD for this in nigeria.

  94. uchechi faith ukpabia says:

    i am very happy for this plan, now the youth can be happy and no that there is a future for them. I thank the president for this. God bless Nigeria

  95. Utibe Etim says:

    I am one of the pioneer awardees and the experience is awesome. I have written severally about the YouWIN projgramme and other empowerment programmes. You can check it out here:

  96. Mr president I am happy for this initiative, this is a very good idea to help youth in Nigeria to become better people. Sir I will like you to help me, I finish my secondary school since 1999,I am wishing to further my education but no way, or even start a small business to help my parent and my younger ones to go to school, my parent are poor farmers in the village of Zandi. please sir if you can help me I will be grateful and God will bless you and give you wisdom to lead Nigeria to her better purpose.07037976894.

  97. HI,

    i’m mary Ado a graduate of accountancy(2007)married with a kid,since when i finihed my school,have been apply for jobs but all fail,i have no job d same to my husband.we are jst living in God grace.Mr president i need ur assistance pls…if is a small business u help me with,i will be grateful if my request is granted.God bless u nd ur family.thank u

  98. Your Excellency, Mr President, thank God for your concern over the Jobless conditions of Nigerian youths. I am a graduate of Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna. I studied (HUMAN RESOURCES/MGTS)Served in Bayelsa State, 2007/2008, till now no job. For now, I have set up a business in order to keep life going. Sir , I need your supports financially to boost my Business. Thanks and God bless you. Contact Number:07055288565 /08058983931.

  99. achigasim mitchelle .c. says:

    Mr president sir,thank God 4 you and your mercy over us,the youths,I studied urban and regional planning ,imo state university ,I passed out from NYSC,june,2012,no body to help sir, I will be very glad if my request is granted ,God bless you sir. ples contact 08033196089.

  100. Alad Steve says:

    …i have a friend i met durin my NYSC last year who is a living beneficiary .i was al the way waitin for the second phase,but we heard that is only for females..but the first phase was male and female,pls enlight us so that we,males wil nt lose this a graduate of federal university of technology,akure,i develop tailoring and fashion design as hobby in my secondary school days… gone b4 my admision into university,dis wat i called hoby is my financial survivor in my 5 academic years,afta nysc ,almost 2yrs now,no path or chanel to govt work..even i av govt workers and students that are learning from me now.but it wil be more updated and economy fit if YOUWIN can boost my financial aid.i wil nt hesitate to withstand any type of interview or investigation to my pasage type shop..pls ,response can reach me tru 08060813484. Thanks for been there.

  101. Opara Mercy says:

    Your excellency Sir,

    I am Opara Mercy, a graduate of Accounts from the Rivers State University of science and Technology – Port Harcourt.
    I also obtained a certificate in Secretarial studies from Limor Computers and Secretarial Studies in Ojodu- Lagos State.

    I need a Job as a secretary.

  102. Chimdi says:

    Thank God for this innovation(youwin) in our nation, there shall be alot of promises now by so many people, is easy to say but not easy to do.8-)
    My own say is that to whom much is even much is expected.
    My people nigerians, lets be good to ourselves and it shall be well with us.:D

  103. I thank God for president Goodluck Jonathan who initiate this programme. I Pray that God will add more grease to his elbow.